Car Lifts & Car Elevators

Are you looking for a way to move your car to different levels in a space-saving and comfortable way? Then our car lifts are the right product for you. Whether as access to the underground car park or for simply storing the car, our car lifts have been designed to deliver maximum parking comfort and benefit to the user.
Our car lifts can overcome a height difference of up to 11 meters. Here, the car can be lifted and lowered both with and without a driver. The car lifts are installed both inside and outside buildings. Outdoors, the car lifts are fitted with a roof that closes off the pit when lowering. This roof can be adapted to suit the surroundings! The areas of application of our car lifts can be found in single-family houses, apartment buildings, business and multi-storey car parks, as well as in industrial plants. The car lift makes an entrance ramp obsolete - which creates new space for parking. Our products are already in use worldwide. Benefit from our experience!

Our car lifts

Together we will find the right car lift for you in less than two minutes. Simply click on the the banner on the bottom right.
Alternatively, you can contact us by phone or click through the different model types. The models of our RISE series move car and driver. The models of our STORE series are car lifts without driver on board. You can find our technical data sheets for all models here.

RISE - with driver on board

with driver on board
• RISE-R-5-P

STORE - without driver on board

without driver on board

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Are people allowed to travel in the car lift?
All of our RISE series car lifts allow drivers to travel in the lift. This allows the driver to reach the desired level safely and comfortably. With the models of the STORE series, no persons are allowed to travel in the lift! STORE models are only used for car parking.

How safe is a car lift?
All our car lifts are certified according to common safety standards. The lifts are operated via dead man's control during travel. The platform of the lift is constantly monitored by sensors. All access points to the car lift are also continuously monitored by sensors. When installed outdoors, our telescopic roof closes off the shaft so that there is no danger of falling. For the maintenance of the hydraulic unit under the lift, the lift is equipped with safety supports, so that safe access to the lift shaft is guaranteed.

What is the maximum lift of a car lift?
The maximum lift of our two-post lifts is 11 meters. Our car lifts with scissor lift have a maximum height of about 4 meters.

How much weight can a car lift lift?
The car lifts can lift up to 3.5 tons. This ensures that the future generation of electric cars can also be lifted.

Do the car lifts need to be maintained?
Our car lifts can be described as low maintenance and only require one service per year.

Are your car lifts certified by TÜV?
All our lifts are CE and TÜV certified.


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