Truck Turntables TT 15

The Swiss-Park TT15 truck turntable facilitates the loading and unloading of trucks in confined spaces, e.g. when supplying department stores in city centers where the truck cannot be turned. The turntable can be rotated to any position neither clockwise nor counter-clockwise.
• Diameter 15 m (other diameters on request)

• Underfloor version

• Horizontal platform

• 360 degree clockwise and counterclockwise rotation

• For trucks with a maximum axle length of 14 m and a maximum total length of 17 m (other vehicle lengths on request)

• Max. load 30,000 kg (standard), other loads on request

• Turning radius 19 m for trucks with 17 m length

• Variable rotation speed up to 0.25 rpm

• Automatic central lubrication

• Remote Control

• Optional safety accessories (light barriers etc) on request
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