A stack parker is a perfect solution in case of a parking shortage. Our flexible mechanical parking system has several parking levels. They are therefore well suited for office buildings, single and multi-family houses, underground garages, prefabricated garages, and hotels. Depending on the model, there is space for two to six cars in the double-parking garage. With a parking space load of 2000kg to 2600kg, almost every car can be parked comfortably on it. Our double parkers are characterized by their special user-friendliness: Your vehicle is made available to you by simply turning the key. Because of the different parking space heights and widths of our models, you will find the right car stacker for every parking problem! Our stack parkers are characterized by low maintenance costs, high operating, and functional safety (TÜV tested / CE certified).

Independent car parking system:
If there is a pit in your property, the car stackers can be lowered mechanically and every parking space in the car stackers is accessed independently and flexibly. Our double parking systems for buildings with pit parking are S2.7, S2.8 and S3.

S-Series Car Stackers with pit:
duplexstellplatz, duplex garage


Doppelparker, Duplexparker, Stapelparker, Doppelparker garage, Doppelparker garage kosten


Doppelstockgarage, Doppelparker, Duplexsystem, Duplexgarage


Dependent car parking system:
Dependent parking is for the parking system built without a pit. This means that the upper vehicle can only be accessed if the lower floor is not occupied by another car. Dependent parking systems are suitable for retrofitting. This allows the parking space to be compacted without incurring high costs for digging a pit. Especially the ramp plates of the parking systems are exposed to enormous loads. Based on our experience, we have been able to develop drive-on plates for double parkers that have proven to be durable. With these drive-on plates, we can guarantee the high quality and longevity of our systems!
V-Series stack parkers without pit:
Duplex Lift, Doppelparkerlift, doppelparker hebebühne, autos übereinander parken



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