Car Turntables TT 4.5

The Swiss-Park TT 4.5 car turntable simplifies the maneuvering and turning of vehicles in garages with narrow tram lines, so that narrow parking spaces can be approached more easily and the vehicle can be driven forward out of the garage again. The turntable can be rotated to any position neither clockwise nor counter-clockwise.
• Above-ground and underfloor version

• Horizontal platform

• 360 degree clockwise and counterclockwise rotation

• Vehicle lengths up to 500 cm Vehicle widths up to 190 cm (larger turntables for longer and wider vehicles on request)

• Load: up to 2500 kg (standard) higher loads on request

• Turning radius 550 cm for vehicles up to 500 cm

• Remote Control

• Optional safety accessories (light barriers etc.) on request
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Available Standard Systems

(other dimensions available on request)